check credit score free online

Check credit score free online

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Credit scores are a scoge that lenders use to make lending decisions. FICO scire VantageScore create different credit scoring models for lenders, and both companies periodically release new versions of their credit scores models-similar to how other software companies may offer new operating systems.

The latest versions might incorporate technological advances or changes in consumer behavior, or better comply with recent regulatory requirements. For example, VantageScore creates a tri-bureau scoring model, meaning the same model can evaluate your credit report from any of the three major consumer credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

The first version VantageScore 1. The latest version, VantageScore 4. It was check credit score free online first generic credit score sore incorporate trended data-in other words, how consumers manage their accounts over time. FICO is an older company, and it crevit one of the first create credit scoring models based on consumer credit reports.

There visit web page scores used more rarely as well. Lenders may also create custom credit scoring models designed with their target customers in mind.

For the most part, lenders can choose which model they want to use. In fact, some lenders more info check credit score free online to stick with older versions because of the investment that could be involved with switching.

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