car loan interest rates idaho

Car loan interest rates idaho

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Some lenders offer down payment assistance single parents as part of their loan package. In some instances it is a small second mortgage and at times the remaining down payment can be forgiven if the loan is paid on time for at least 5 years. If you would like to discuss these options, complete this short quote form and a loan officer will contact you.

One of the most difficult challenges for a single parent is to qualify for a mortgage immediately after a divorce. In this situation, you inevitably have one parent who may be going car loan interest rates idaho to work after spending time raising the kids, and the other parent likely saddled with alimony and possibly child support payments. For both parents, qualifying for a mortgage is going to be difficult due to the short job history and the additional car loan interest rates idaho debt.

There are some unique mortgage programs for recently divorced parents which may help if you find yourself in this situation. We suggest reading our article on divorce mortgage options for more information. Prior to completing the mortgage application, it is recommended to check into your credit scores and activity so there are no surprises when you first speak with a loan officer.

Car loan interest rates idaho application can be completed in less than an hour online. Make sure you complete the application in full.

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